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10 Things You Should Know About Dating a Short Girl

Posted by admin on August 12, 2015

dating a short girl

Depending on your height, different people will have a different idea of how short ‘short’ is, but whatever your idea of a short girl is, there are a few things you should know before dating one.

1. She knows she is short

Chances are, if you are dating a girl under 5ft 3, she will know that she is short. Her height will have probably been mentioned a countless number of times, whether she likes it or not. Until you have gauged whether or not your date is comfortable with her height, don’t draw attention to it; play it safe.

2. What she lacks in height, she has in personality

Being small, short girls are often louder and more confident in order to make themselves apparent. Don’t just presume that because she’s small she’ll be timid.

3. Be prepared to bend down. A lot.

Whether she wants to kiss you, whisper something to you, or if you are having a photo taken together, you will probably have to bend down to her height. There is only so far she can stretch onto her tiptoes.

4. Nicknames referring to her height are not a good idea

She will spend most of her time feeling like a small child, and nicknames referring to her height will only make her feel the same. Tiny, little one and munchkin are definite no-gos.

5. You will always think she is cute

There is something about short girls that makes most things they do adorable. From struggling or climbing to reach the top shelf, to her legs dangling as she sits on the stall you won’t help but think it looks cute.

6. She will always wear heels

Even girls that like being short will usually choose to wear heels when she has the chance to. Of course, they will still complain about how much their feet hurt, but they will continue to wear heels, regardless. This means that she will probably have a huge shoe collection, and that she will need help walking to dinner.

7. She will never age

Short girls have their lack of height on their side. This means that, even when she’s in her thirties, she will probably be asked for ID or to clarify her age. It might be frustrating to her, but it will never cease to amuse you.

8. Your clothes will never fit her

It is always cute how big guys clothes are on girls, but it looks even more adorable on short girls. Your clothes won’t just be loose, they will be huge. A t-shirt will be like a dress and shorts might as well be trousers!

9. They don’t need carrying everywhere

Sure, sometimes short girls will enjoy being picked up, but this is not always the case. They might not be much taller than a younger child, but that is not to say that they need carrying around like one.

10. You might lose her in crowds

If your date is shorter than average, don’t be surprised to lose sight of her in a busy place. Hold onto her hand if you’re walking through a crowd together and don’t presume you will be able to meet up easily if there are a lot of other people around.

Dating a short girl can be really fun, and if you keep these things in mind, you will be good to go!