Dating & Relationship Advice Forum

Find all of the answers to your dating and relationship needs with our free online forum. Simply create an account and be granted access to a plethora of posts covering a variety of different topics. Discover more about our relationship and dating forum below.

What is our Dating & Relationship Forum?

We host a number of forums on different topics relating to dating and relationships. We also host forums on non-dating topics such as sport, music, TV and films. These allow people to find like-minded singles who share their interests and tastes. A relationship forum can be a more natural way to meet other singles, as connections are built up around discussions rather than simply photos and chat.

Who is the Forum for?

Our forums are for anyone looking for advice or tips with dating and relationships. Because we are a UK dating site, our relationship forum reflects UK dating culture. We cater for all sexual orientations. Our non-dating forums offer the opportunity to connect with other singles around a specific topic.

How can I Access the Forum?

Our forum is for members only, but it is completely free to be a member, and use of the forums is also free. In order to become a member you need to be single, based in the UK, and aged 18 or over. Just like the rest of our site, our dating advice forum is UK restricted, i.e. members must be based in the UK to take part.

Forum FAQs

Do I need to disclose my identity to use the forums?
No, you can use the forums anonymously, and you do not have to post a photo.
What sort of questions can I ask?
Different forums have different topics. For example, you can ask for relationship advice such as "does he like me?" or dating advice such as "how to end a first date?". Just find the appropriate forum for your topic.
Do you offer relationship advice for women?
Our forums are not gender-specific, so a question could ask for relationship advice for women, and both women and men can reply giving a balanced set of advice.
Does the forum cost anything?
All parts of our dating service are 100% completely free, including the free online relationship advice offered by our forum and its members.
Do you offer men's forums for relationships?
We don’t have dedicated men's forums - relationships can and do form in any of our forums, which have a wide range of members and topics.

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