10 Habits That Show You Are a Happy Couple

Posted by admin on July 29, 2015

happy couple

So, things have been going well and you and your partner are getting along fantastically. You are both content in each other’s company, but is there something that is making you wonder whether you are truly happy together? These ten habits are those of an average happy couple and, chances are, if you are doing most of these things then you are in it for the long run.

Going To Bed At The Same Time

Of course, different daily schedules might mean that you or your partner is more tired  and ready to sleep earlier than the other, and this can’t really be changed. However, the simple routine of going to bed at the same time helps to synchronise you as a couple.

Developing Common Interests

We all know that it is good to have separate hobbies to your partner and to spend at least some time apart, but sharing at least some common hobbies can make you a happier couple. It shows that you accept each other’s interests and suggestions, and trying something new together can strengthen your bond.

Cooking Together

Often it is one partner that does the majority of the cooking, but couples that cook together tend to be happier. This could be because they work together to achieve a desired result, and must communicate in order to do so.

Saying “Good Night”

It might sound simple, but having someone say ‘Good Night’ every night can really make you feel loved. It helps to eradicate any tension that there might have been during the day, allowing for a fresh, happy start in the morning.

Walking Side By Side

Happy couples tend to walk side by side, without either partner rushing ahead of the other. It allows you to hold a conversation and arrive at your destination together, as a couple. This way, you can also hold hands and even this intimacy strengthens a relationship.

Focusing On The Positive

Even happy couples will argue from time to time, but, in general, they will not let these arguments ruin a day. They will move on after the argument and focus more on the positive things that their partner does, rather than the negative aspects of their relationship.

Checking In With One Another

A simple text message or quick minute phone call asking how your partner’s day is going is proof that you are a happy couple. It shows that you care about how they are and, if your partner is having a bad day, hearing from you could help to improve it.

Doing The Small Things

This could be from cooking their favourite meal to buying their favourite chocolate. Small, personal gestures show that you know your partner well and that you think about what they like.

Getting Straight To The Point

Happy couples are happy because they communicate. They ensure that they both know exactly how the other is feeling and work to correct any differences in opinion that there may be, without worrying about offending their partner. To be happy as a couple you must be comfortable in yourself.

Spending Time Apart

If you are happy as a couple, you can feel comfortable being apart. Obviously they will miss one another, but they realise that, in order to be happy together, they must have their own time to be happy alone, too.

Do you do and your partner have most of these habits?

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