How to write a dating profile for over 50s

Just starting your senior dating journey and want to make your profile stand out from the crowd (in the right way)? See our handy guide to crafting an amazing online dating profile.

What to put on a dating profile

Writing about yourself is hard. After all, it's a little embarrassing to talk about what makes you such a great person, and why everyone reading should rush out to date you. That's why you should use your dating profile to tell a story about who you are. Here are a few tips on what to put on your dating profile:

  • Don't just list activities (watching movies, long walks on the beach, watching Manchester United, etc.) – instead, talk about your passions and the experiences you've had that make you unique. Conveying a sense of who you are is a much more effective way of making a memorable online dating profile description than simply listing the things you like to do.
  • Be sure to fill your profile with positivity, rather than negativity. Clicking on a dating profile and sending the first message makes everyone nervous, so coming across as confident and upbeat will help put minds at ease and encourage potential suitors to get chatting.
  • If you're writing an online dating profile description for the first time, it may seem like you need to produce an essay to get your real personality across. In fact, it's probably better to be pithy and to the point. Don't overshare or make a list of everything you're not looking for in a romantic partner (it's bound to put people off, even if they make the cut).

Online dating profile picture tips

Next up, let's talk about dating profile pictures. Your photos should complement the things you've written on your profile, while accurately portraying who you are and what you look like. Here are a few online dating profile picture tips to take note of:

  • Use current pictures and don't try to misrepresent yourself. Remember, if your date wanted a younger man or woman, there are plenty of apps for that very purpose. People want someone with life experience, wisdom, and passion – so show off those qualities in your pics! Dating profile pictures that are photoshopped and overly filtered will be glaringly obvious, so keep it natural.
  • While it's always a good idea to show off your sociable side, when it comes to dating profile pictures, it's probably better to put the group photos aside. By ensuring that you're the only person in the picture, you can avoid any issues of mistaken identity – you don't want your date to think they're chatting with your best friend, after all!
  • Use a couple of different images (five to seven photos is the sweet spot) and show off some of the things that make you you, from pets to passions, grandkids to globetrotting.

Learning how to write a dating profile can feel like an uphill struggle, but it's easy to overthink things. Just be honest and passionate (and maybe ask a friend to look it over before you hit "post") and you should be getting matches in no time. Explore over 50's online dating with Free Dating today.

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