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Weird Places to Go on a First Date

Posted by admin on May 20, 2015

Coming up with ideas of places to go on your first date can be a difficult task. Of course, you want to do something different that will make the date fun and allow you to get to know more about each other, but you don’t want to weird your date out.

Here’s a list of first date ideas that you might want to avoid if you’re hoping to get a second!

1. Meeting the Family


[Photo Credit: phlubdr]

Even if you have known your date for years and they have already met your family, choosing your family party as a first date location is still a massive no go! And this is even more the case if you and your date have only met a few times before. It’s going to be awkward and overwhelming for both of you, no matter how much you love your family.

Parents and younger siblings are bound to embarrass you, and your date might feel overwhelmed by grandparents and old aunts who express their eagerness for you to settle down.

2. Church


[Photo Credit: zbigphotography]

In general, places of worship is a no-go for your first date. Your idea might be as innocent as loving the architecture of your local church and wanting to share how great it is, but your date could get the wrong idea. They might presume you’re planning too far ahead which could scare them off, or will perhaps have strong religious ideas that oppose yours, leading to a heated debate, and no one wants that on a first date!

3. BBQ Restaurant


[Photo Credit: stevendepolo]

It is very possible that your date loves BBQ food (who can’t resist the smoky sauce?), but it is a risky choice for a first date. If it’s your first date, you might not know if your date is a vegetarian, or perhaps they’ll feel uncomfortable eating meat off the bone in front of you and the leftover meat in your teeth might put them off. Let’s face it, no one looks good eating ribs!

4. High School Reunion


[Photo Credit: freeparking]

The mere idea of this just oozes awkward. Do you really want your old school friends to inform your date of ‘the time you (fill in the blank)’ that you had hoped everyone had forgotten? Or for your date to see your tragic haircut in the 80s?

Plus, people are bound to presume that you and your date have been together for years, and their puzzled facial expression when they learn otherwise will confirm why this date idea was a bad one!

5. Funerals


[Photo Credit: sridgway]

You’d presume that this wouldn’t ever cross anyone’s mind, but just to clarify: asking someone on a date to a funeral is weird. Obviously it’s nice to have someone for support at a funeral, but perhaps the date you’ve known for a few weeks isn’t the ideal person for the job.

You want your date to have fun and enjoy themselves, and watching people cry about someone they have have never even met before is not the way to have fun. Your date will just feel awkward, and it might be a little too soon for them to see your crying face.

Hopefully, none of these were on your list for your first date next week, but if they were, you might want to reconsider your plans!