One in three women would dump their partner over an 'inadequate' Christmas gift

Research by dating website found that 36% of women would dump their partner for giving an 'inadequate' Christmas gift.

This was particularly the case when the present was the latest in a series of disappointing let-downs within the relationship.

Examples of gifts which were deemed inadequate included cooking utensils, cleaning products, and a sticky tape dispenser.

Highly educated women were much more likely to end a relationship for this reason than those with no qualifications.

Women working in the legal profession were especially demanding, nearly two thirds of whom considered a poor present as grounds for ditching a partner.

Just 17% of men would end a relationship over their partner's choice of Christmas present.

Dan Winchester of commented: "Clearly men and women attach different levels of significance to gifts within relationships."

"The danger is that men will judge the importance of their gift choice for a partner based on their own expectations, which are dramatically lower."

We asked members for their Christmas gift stories and comments. Read the best responses below:

My ex wife once gave me a pack of sanding discs...
My friend had a sellotape dispenser... and her husband had no clue why she was not impressed lol
A present is a present, however could it be a 'let down'? On what level can you expect a *present* to be of a certain standard?
Only feeble people would ever think of 'dumping' a partner just because they received a inadequate present!!!
I bought my wife an ironing board for her Xmas once - she's now my x
A expartner treated me like a queen all year, opening doors, pulling out my seat and so on, come chritsmas he brought me a gift from the pound shop...I was brought up to be thankful for everything...but not that lol was a toilet brush hehe never saw him again, oh and as for the toilet broke after first use...
My ex husband got me four large presents one christmas.I opened them and they were a bread bin,set of canisters, a utensils rack and a cookie jar. ALL FOR THE KITCHEN! I wasn't impressed.
My ex husband once bought me a mop! Hence the ex!
I once got a necklace that went green xlolx How stingy was that. He did however turn it right around by buying me diamond earrings and yes believe it or not they are real xlolx
my x husband bought me a part of a toilet system. I still have it in the shed but i havent got him anymore.
I've been quite lucky, however my friend once received a battery operated dish scrubber from her husband, who was very lucky not to have it inserted into an orifice.
i got something from my boyfriend but il never know what it was.. because he dumped me 2 weeks before christmas. Unwrapping the gifts id lovingly bought him was heartbreaking :(
i was dumped last year on christmas day, was with my family, opend gift from mty b/f was a box with a card in it said we are over happy christmas cool eh
a frying pan last year and a kettle this year.BYE!
I once had a boyfriend who gave me a light bulb and attatched a note to it saying "you light up my life". i wasn't very pleased at all has we been together for 3 years and i was exspecting a big proposal if you know what i mean.
last year i bought him a xbox360 for christmas and all i got from him was a christmas card and a cardigan
My EX - I repeat - EX husband bought me a vacuum cleaner for my first Xmas present with him! Say no more!!!
I once received a hand knitted(well on a machine)cardigan from my ex husband as did all the kids, We spent most of Christmas scratching.
when i was married years ago i decided to go on a diet and started to do aerobics, my ex hubby in his warped mind thought id like a naked aerobics video 4 christmas... can tell u where that soon went
my ex finished with me at christmas just so she didnt have to buy me a present,then got back with me after christmas! she did the same for my birthday.nice person hey!!
I once received an adopted Chimp certificate from an ex. More her sort of thing than mine - it came with a photo of the chimp and the chimp would write letters to me. The chimp often gave me more attention than she did!
My ex brought me a tub of pringles
I once received a Charlie perfume gift pack which was...erm...nice. But I was only 14 & in love for the first time so of course it was quite sweet really lol. The worst gift I received was a George Foreman grill from my ex husband. Needless to say, the grill I kept....

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