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Why you should never try to find love on the Tube

Posted by Fearghus Roulston on March 12, 2014

Every rush hour, hundreds of star-crossed lovers board the tube, hoping to meet their Mr (or Mrs) Darcy. This is why that is a terrible idea...

Firstly, there’s this very important rule to consider

And if you do make eye contact, you might get carried away…

Although merely standing next to someone could result in a creepy Rush Hour Romance...

However, public transport doesn’t always make for the most romantic surroundings :(

Even if you try super hard to set the mood

You might have to severely lower your standards

But let's face it, you've already been felt up by everyone in the carriage anyway...

On the tube you might not always be your smoothest self

smoothest self

But even showing off your talents may not go down as well as you hoped

Although there’s no harm in using your assets to your advantage

After all, you might bag yourself a fittie