Media Request: BBC Five Live

Posted by admin on April 24, 2014

Are you a man hopelessly in love and happy to tell the world? If so Men's Hour on 5 Live would like to hear from you.

Our show this week is all about love and how men communicate those feelings of love. We are keen to hear from men who feel they may be ready to say those words to someone for the first time or that want to tell the world how that their are in that place and are ready to shout it from the rooftops.

If you are feeling particularly brave we are also keen to hear from people who have made declarations of love, perhaps a proposal only to be rejected by that special someone.

If you would be willing to take part in a debate on what it's like to be in love and what it is like to say those words then please call or email me, Toby, on 07956 213745 or [email protected]

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