10 worst types of Facebook couples

Posted by Fearghus Roulston on March 17, 2014

There is no question that over-sharing couples are hands down the worst thing about Facebook, but these ten take it to the next level...

1. The too committed, too soon couple.

Matching tats may seem like a great idea one month in but...no wait, they absolutely do not.

2. The ‘young love’ couple.

They won’t stop expressing their teen angst all over your newsfeed, but you know that in ten years they’ll avoid eye contact when they see each other on the street.

3. Passive-aggressive oversharing couple.

Half annoying, half entertaining - you kind of enjoy watching them use Facebook as a vehicle to publicly bitch at each other while thinking other people care.

4. Inexcusably soppy couple.

There is just no reason for this. At all. Especially when you consider they’re probably sat next to each other right now, in all likelihood in one of those couples’ snuggie things. You’ll feel a bit smug when they break up, admit it.

5. The desperate couple.

They’re clearly only together because they’re both very afraid of being alone. Despite having very little in common, this will last until one of them finds someone they actually like and jumps ship.

6. The couple with a disproportionate sense of the importance of their relationship.

When they say they are each other’s “world”, they really mean it.

7. The couple with the psychotic girlfriend.

She peppers her terrifying Facebook posts with lots of ‘lulz’ and ‘hahas’ in an effort to seem lighthearted, but if any girl so much as chats to her man, she will legit cut them.

8. The couple who try to make singles feel bad.

These people tend to be in a relationship they’re insecure about, and are trying to hammer home the “being single is bad” message to feel better about their own life choices. Don’t let them get to you bro.

9. The “I finally found someone” couple.

This people have been waiting their whole lives for someone - literally anyone - who is willing to get with them. AND NOW THEY’RE FINALLY HERE AND NOW THE WORLD MUST KNOW!

10. The Jeremy Kyle couple.

They have massive issues. You feel a bit guilty for not getting them some help.

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