22 Valentine's Day Cards Fit For Geeks

With Valentine's Day fast approaching it's about time (presuming you haven't begun already) you started planning the presumably stunning, beautifully romantic gift you will be sending to the object of your desires next month. To assist in your preparations, we've made your job slightly easier by hand-picking for you a selection of cards - naturally all angled at the more geeky section of society given that you're currently on the internet, and all users of the internet are geeks, right? - to accompany the main present.


I select you. Naturally!

Source: Ironic Sans

Above: Let Darwin spread the love with this fantastic card, courtesy of the folks at Ironic Sans.


Source: Pop + Shorty

Above: For the web designer in your life. Available to buy from Pop + Shorty.

Wordsearch Valentine's Card

Source: Present and Correct

Above: Perhaps the only Valentine's card on Earth for the wordsearch aficionado. Available from P&C.

Star Wars-themed Valentine's card

Source: James Stowe

Above: Just one of many lovely Star Wars-themed Valentine's cards created by James Stowe.

You Control My HEART

Source: 4 Color Rebellion

Above: What could be more romantic to a Nintendo-obsessed geek? Designed by 4 Color Rebellion.

LED Valentine's Card

Source: DIY Life

Above: If you're willing to put in a little more effort, this geeky, pulsating, touch-activated LED Valentine's card will dazzle like no other. Follow the instructions over at DIY Life.

IT Geek Valentine's Card

Source: Who Ate My Crayons

Above: Says its creators, "Because even "IT" folks need love.

Chemistry Valentine's Card

Source: HawkGerber Ink

Above: "Has your love reached a dynamic equilibrium? You don't have to be a chemistry geek to feel the love." Designed by HawkGerber Ink.

Watchmen Valentine's Card

Source: Polite Dissent

Above: For the breathless, loved-up Watchmen fans. Courtesy of Polite Dissent.

Font Valentine's Card

Source: Up and Up Creative

Above: The perfect declaration of love for any font-geek. Available to buy at Etsy.

Geek Love Valentine's Card

Source: Earmark

Above: "So maybe you're not the cheerleader and he's not the quarterback. Happiness is happiness, no matter who you are!" From Earmark.

Trekkie Valentine's Card

Source: Niftyknits

Above: For hardcore Trekkies only - for only they would appreciate the romantic reference on this card. Available to buy here.

Star Wars Valentine's Card

Source: HijiNKS ENSUE

Above: The only Valentine's card worth buying should you happen be in love with a sibling who also understands Star Wars. By Hijinks Ensue.

DM ME Valentine's Card

Source: Storeyshop

Above: In this Twitter-soaked day and age, there's no greater come-on than "DM ME". Buy one for the love of your life at Etsy.

You + Me = Geek Love

Source: Lush Designs

Above: Simple, unmistakably geeky, and romantic. Available to purchase courtesy of Lush Designs.

I Must Love You As you Converted Me To Star Trek

Source: Able and Game

Above: Sometimes love will see us embarking on previously unthinkable journeys. Designed by Able and Game.

you are my singularity

Source: 4/Four

Above: For the romantic physicist. Buy one from 4/Four.

Chemistry Geek Valentine's Card

Source: ShopGibberish

Above: Chemistry geeks need no longer search for a Valentine's card. Iodine and Uranium have rarely been so romantic. Designed by ShopGibberish.

Smartphone Valentine's Card

Source: PaperWheel

Above: It's probably not true as we all know how strong one's love for their smartphone can be, but still, it's a nice sentiment. Buy one for your beau at PaperWheel.

Nerdy Valentine's Card

Source: Jacks of Science

Above: Valentine's cards don't come much nerdier. Higher resolution image available at Jacks of Science.

I Choo-Choo Choose you

Source: Geoff Stearns

Above: Courtesy of Simpsons fan Geoff Stearns, a reconstructed copy of the card given to Ralph by Lisa Simpson.

You Complete Me

Source: 4 Color Rebellion

Above: A clever romantic spin on Tetris. Courtesy of 4 Color Rebellion, who have a larger version.

This article was written by Shaun Usher, a blogger from Manchester. The views expressed in it are his and do not necessarily match those of Free Dating.co.uk.

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