5 Unromantically Tricky Tandem Bicycles

Traditionally, ever since the song Daisy Bell entered the public consciousness in the late-1800s with its famous line, "But you'd look sweet upon the seat of a bicycle built for two", the tandem bicycle has, amongst most, enjoyed a reputation as a romantic mode of transport. Such is its charm, the tandem bicycle is even a great foundation for a unique date: who can argue with a couple-powered ride down leafy country roads to a secluded picnic site?

However, the brains behind the following, bizarre examples of said pedal-driven vehicle clearly weren't looking to further that reputation. Behold, the strangest, most dangerous, funniest, unromantic tandem bicycles ever created:

1. The Sociable

The Sociable

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Okay, so the sociable isn't technically a tandem bicycle as the seats are situated side-by-side rather than one-behind-the-other, but it's a bicycle made for two nonetheless. Presumably, balancing on such a bicycle is no easy feat, particularly if its riders are of wildly varying weights. Below is a not-very graceful video of a sociable in action.

2. Tandem Unicycle

Tandem Unicycle

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In combining two vehicles - the tandem and the unicycle, both of which are already difficult to ride - the creator of the tandem unicyle has in effect given birth to what I can only assume is a mode of transport which is nearly impossible to control at all, let alone romantically with a loved one. An attempt by its inventor to ride the thing can be watched below.

3. SeeSaw


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The mind boggles when attempting to come to terms with the design of the SeeSaw Bike. As if riding a tandem bike face-to-face with your partner wasn't off-putting enough, with the SeeSaw both of you are sitting at different angles. Guaranteed carnage. Unfortunately no video of the bike in action could be found; maybe because such a thing is impossible, but hopefully not.

4. Back-2-Back


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If you've ever had to sit the wrong way round on a moving train, you'll know just how odd and sometimes sickening that feeling is; so imagine just how stomach-churning it must be to ride reverse on a back-to-back tandem bicycle. The example in the photo above goes by the name of a 'Bi-Cycle', whilst the video below shows a different back-to-back tandem in action, and at quite a speed.

5. Face-2-Face


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Built in 2008, Chen Yugang's bizarre but technically impressive transforming tandem bicycle has the best/worst of all three worlds, in that you have the option of riding conventionally, face-to-face or back-to-back. Due to its clever design, the bike's frame can be shifted around to accomodate either set-up.

This article was written by Shaun Usher, a blogger from Manchester. The views expressed in it are his and do not necessarily match those of Free Dating.co.uk.

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