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LocationRotherham, Yorkshire
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About YorkshireAngel

First things first, I don't respond to winks, just say 'Hi'!! :0)

Also, please note I am a 'big' girl! I don't think some people read so far as that bit in the profile details so I'm saying it at the top!

I'm also a bit of a romantic and a little old fashioned so, if I look at your profile and don't message you, it could just be that i'm waiting for you to message me first. :0)

"To love someone is one thing, to be loved by someone is another, but to be loved by the one you love is EVERYTHING!"

"It's not who you can live with, it's whom you can't live without that matters." :0)

"When the world says give up, hope whispers try one more time!"

Interview with YorkshireAngel

What do you like most about where you currently live?
30 seconds drive in any direction and it's the middle of the countryside. Fabulous! It's a tight knit community and my family are close by which is important to me.

What are your favourite leisure activities?
I don't really do anything on a regular basis,however really love my MotoGP. Also when i have the chance i like the usual things, meeting friends, having a night out, going to the flicks, jewellery making, eating out, bowling, reading, the internet, catching up on my fav tv shows, listening to music, mostly classic rock and metal, not original i know but all easy going, fun stuff.

Where in the world are your favourite places?
Yorkshire, in particular my home and Filey, i love being by the sea. My favourtie cities are York and Edinburgh. After that then i love the U.S (but not the long haul flight!!) and Malta is a special place to me.

Where in the world would you love to visit?
I'd love to go to New Zealand, the scenery looks amazing. Also i'd like to see more of America, ideally (if i won a few million) i'd go and travel around there for a year or so. I'd also love to go to Ireland. It looks beautiful and some of my ancestors came from there so would be nice to see where they came from.

What would you do on an ideal date?
Chat!! That's what it's about isn't it?!! Talking and getting to know each other a little, making that first impression. Where that chat takes place doesn't matter too much, as long as it's in a public place and both are comfortable with the arrangements.

What are you looking for in a partner?
Someone who ignites that spark in me, that's what matters. I could make a list of certain attributes i hope he has, but the main thing is that he's a decent human being! Looks wise, i find all sorts of different things appealing so until i see someone i don't know if i will find them attractive physically or not. (He must however be really good at giving hugs and at doing DIY around the house!!) :0P

What makes a good relationship?
Trust, patience, understanding, forgivness, the ability to talk to each other and also really listen. Making each other laugh is essential and respecting each others personal space. Respecting each other totally.

What music do you like?
Mostly rock and metal. But i also love Glam rock and 80's pop.

What has been the highlight of your life so far?
It may sound corny i know, but most definitley my children. I've met one or two celebs as well which was great fun.

What are you looking forward to in the future?
I'm looking forward to seeing my kids grow, be happy and healthy and for me to be happy with who i am, and with what i'm doing.


I am looking for friendship or a serious relationship.

My relationship status is currently divorced


My eye colour wasn't listed as an option.

My hair is dark brown.

My body type is large.

My height is 5' 0" / 152cm.

My ethnic origin is is white.


I'm not interested in politics.


My qualifications include GCSEs / O levels and A levels (or equivalent) and a qualification which was not listed as an option.


I'm employed.

I work in education.

My income is confidential.


I'm a light drinker.

I'm a non-smoker.

I don't follow any special diet.

I am not disabled.

I am a catholic.

I don't practice my religion.

My interests include animals and books and dancing and family and motorbikes and movies and music—listening and music—making and photography and restaurants and sport—watching and theatre and travel and TV.


I have children (living at home).

I don't want to have more children.


I rent my home.

I live with children.