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LocationYork, Yorkshire
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Interview with Claire600

What do you like most about where you currently live?
York is a beautiful, fairly tranquil city and a joy to live in. We have some great locales; pubs, bars, clubs and the suchlike that make evenings out excellent. The people are friendly and good company

What do you enjoy most about your current job?
I have always been fascinated by people. I get great satisfaction from workng in a field that helps people when they need it most and where, but for the grace of God, we could all find oursselves.

What are your favourite leisure activities?
Motorbikes! Until last year I had been riding for 11 years until my gixxer was stolen. I'm currently saving!! Love BSB, been to Cadwell, Croft (those were the days!) and everywhere else to watch BSB!!

Where in the world are your favourite places?
Italy, the southern part, well, OK, Sicily. Beautiful place, beautiful people, its lke going home. Brighton, East Sussex, because that is where I am from and Ireland, just because

Where in the world would you love to visit?
Egypt, Israel, the back of beyond in Ireland, the Maldives

What would you do on an ideal date?
Just sit and chat over a coffe or such and get to know each other, preferably without time limits

What are you looking for in a partner?
Honesty, I hate being lied to. Fidelity, humour,tactility (if there is such a word!), sincerity, spontaneity, kindness and that sparkle in the eyes what suggests a tiny devil within

What makes a good relationship?
without doubt, trust. Honesty and openess, no secrets, no hidden agendas, just what everyone else believes in

What makes you laugh?
All sorts of things, narrowing it down is a little hard, though I do have a very dry sense of humour

What music do you like?
Metal, real R&B, the blues

What has been the highlight of your life so far?
My daughter and my Gixxer

What are you looking forward to in the future?
Hopefully finding someone with whom I can make a happy and fulfilling future with


I am looking for a serious relationship.

My relationship status is currently divorced


My eye colour is blue.

My hair is dark brown.

My body type is slim.

My height is 5' 3" / 160cm.

My ethnic origin is is white.


I'm not interested in politics.


My qualifications include GCSEs / O levels and A levels (or equivalent) and a qualification which was not listed as an option.


I'm employed.

I work in health / medicine.

My income is confidential.


I'm a light drinker.

I'm a non-smoker.

I don't follow any special diet.

I am not disabled.

I am spiritual.

I don't practice my religion.

My interests include books and cooking and motorbikes and movies and pubs.


I have children (living at home).

I don't want to have more children.


I own my home.

I live with children.