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About AndrewDixon

Any gamer girls, add me on xbox if you can shoot with the best ;) NUFCxSniper1892

*Don't be offended if I just wink, sometimes I'm a little shy lol, feel free to message me*

Hey there, I'm Andrew, primarily a writer and editor for The Wrestling Press online magazine, check out our site :-) but currently working a "real job" at Argos.

Well, about me, I'm originally from Stavanger in Norway on my dad's side but moved to Newcastle at a very early age and took my mum's surname so I have the famous Geordie accent and I'm proud to be a Geordie :-)

I'm an old school rocker, huge fan of Kiss and I love playing their stuff on guitar :D

I'm an easy going guy who just wants to make someone happy and feel happy too. I sometimes look intimidating but I'm a real softie when I want to be lol xD

I'm fluent in Finnish, Norwegian and German languages and hope to travel around the world one day but have my feet on the ground for now :-)

I can link you to my facebook if you'd like to see more of me :-) my email is

Hope to hear from some of you soon :-)

Interview with AndrewDixon

What do you like most about where you currently live?
Real close to the town and all the awesome rock bars :-P

What do you enjoy most about your current job?
It's good crack with my team and always fun lol.

What are your favourite leisure activities?
Playing my guitar, drums occasionally and also singing when my voice can cope xD

Watching the mighty Newcastle United when I can too!!

Where in the world are your favourite places?
Taiwan, which I visited last year and got my tattoo done there, beautiful culture, friendly people.

Also, Norway, the country I'm originally from :-)

Plus Philadelphia, I have a lot of friends from within the wrestling business over there, will be performing there later this year too!

What would you do on an ideal date?
Something spontaneous...why follow what others say is the "correct" kind of date...I like when things just happen :-)

What are you looking for in a partner?
Someone who can handle my craziness and my love of rock n roll music!! Also just someone who can be themselves around me, I am shy at first but I do open up and I'd like whoever I'm with to be confident around me :-)

What makes a good relationship?
Trust, honesty and fun!!

What makes you laugh?
Generally people who try to take the piss out of me for being a rocker and for how I dress...fuck the haters :-P

What music do you like?
The hottest band in the world...KISS!!

What are you looking forward to in the future?
Whatever life throws at me!


I am looking for friendship or a casual relationship or a serious relationship.

My relationship status is currently single


My eye colour is brown.

My hair is auburn / red.

My body type is average.

My height is 6' 2" / 188cm.

My ethnic origin is is white.


My politics are left of centre.


My qualifications include GCSEs / O levels and A levels (or equivalent).


I'm employed.

I work in media.

My income is confidential.


I'm a light drinker.

I'm a non-smoker.

I don't follow any special diet.

I am not disabled.

I am spiritual.

I sometimes practice my religion.

My interests include animals and books and computers and cooking and cycling and family and gaming and gym and health and movies and music—listening and music—making and outdoor activities and photography and pubs and spirituality and restaurants and sport—playing and sport—watching and travel and TV.


I don't have any children.

I may want to have children.


I rent my home.

I live with parents.